Latest Chrome Browser Update Http issues

Http Stream Error

We Have added >>Click here , if not playing << option; If your radio is not playing after clicking the play button. Please click >>Click here, if not playing << button to play the HTTP streaming enabled radio.


For Radio owners: Please share your radio in Https secure streaming link to avoid loosing your listeners
Kindly Note: Google Chorme has already removed http streaming link from the Chrome Browser, other Browsers will do the same in future.
Please share your new streaming https link to AT
Submit your radio here

Reference link:
click above link, and Search and find in WHAT’S NEW

• Quieter notifications: You can see fewer notification requests with a new permission option.
• SameSite cookies: By default, cookies are treated as same-site only.
• Secure media: Insecure audio and video on secure pages are automatically upgraded to secure connections.

Http streaming link will not work and play in the latest Chrome Browser, only Https Secure connection will Work
All other browsers will support http streaming link for now

https streaming link (Ex: )

http streaming link (Ex: http://107.89.781.10:8909/;)


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